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Learn about Altitude’s mission, core values, and the people who drive our brand.

Altitude Trampoline Parks: Mission Statement

Providing an exceptional environment for active indoor entertainment

There’s something extraordinary about experiencing a child’s joyful giggle as they spring effortlessly into the air. Free of worries and boundaries, free play allows creativity to unfurl and confidence to blossom. Parents can take part in the unfettered joy of these moments alongside their children, and both the young and young at heart can create delightful memories in this engaging, bouncy landscape built for family fun and endless memory-making.

At Altitude Trampoline Parks, we strive to be the global leader in family entertainment centers, providing a safe, clean space for physical activity, social connections, and a celebratory atmosphere. We’re in the business of community, creativity, and good vibes. We encourage our guests to Jump Happy, responding to our resounding rally cry to engage in more free play.

Our franchisees help bring our essential values to life every day in an environment that:

  • Makes people number 1.
  • Embraces our signature model for success.
  • Delivers exceptional service and products with every experience.

Our industry is poised for outstanding growth. The number of trampoline parks has doubled every year since 2013. These facilities draw thrill seekers, fitness addicts, and special needs visitors alike. A whopping 63% of those interviewed are surprised at the number of calories they burn in a trampoline park, showing that our audiences are only just now discovering the real value of all that we have to offer.

With 78% of landlords indicating that they want entertainment facilities in their malls and shopping centers, the timing has never been better to launch a franchise in this industry. Our parks facilitate soft play for young adventurers, special celebrations for all occasions, organized games, and engaging programs. Altitude is focused on providing a clean and safe space for all of these experiences, with our C3 program that delivers Caring through Cleanliness and Certification.

With three brand prototypes to choose from, there’s an Altitude franchise fit for nearly any type of investment. We expect to surpass 100 units worldwide in the coming years as we continue to create smiling faces.

Meet The Team

Meet the Altitude Trampoline Parks leadership team, who are working behind the scenes every day to drive sustainable growth for the Altitude brand.



Chief Executive Officer



Chief Development Officer



Head of Brand Experience



VP of Finance



Head of Global Operations

Altitude’s Shared Cultural Core Values

First and foremost, our core values are what set us apart from the rest of the industry and create a blueprint for Altitude’s success.

Make people #1

Embrace the model

Deliver exceptional products and services

Our New Brand Mantra

Introducing our new Brand Mantra: Jump Life!℠ Because we can all use a little more “jump” in our lives.

Jump Life!℠ represents more than just the act of jumping… it has everything to do with setting the course for kids to play freely, full of joy and happiness. It’s a rally cry, a call to action, a promise that we are here to make sure that your trip to Altitude is a happy and fulfilling one!

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