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This year marks Altitude Trampoline Park’s 10th anniversary. A decade in business is a momentous milestone and one that would not be possible without the diligent and dedicated efforts of all the Altitude team members that brought us to this point. We’re celebrating our hard-working leadership team, franchise owners, and of course, our lively guests, for whom we remain committed to creating opportunities for physical and social wellness in each of our parks across the world. Here are a few highlights of the past 10 years and how we’re ramping up to close out 2022 with tremendous developments:

Prevailing as One of the Largest Family Entertainment Brands

Expanding our footprint to 30 U.S. states and two continents in the last decade has been no small endeavor. All those years ago, Altitude set out to build upon the strong foundation we established in 2012, and grew into one of the largest family entertainment brands in the United States. With nearly 90 locations open and even more in development across the country and around the world, our most recent momentum is, in part, due to park performance, which boomeranged back from pandemic pressures through successful brand-wide initiatives such as our $10 Endless Jumps membership program.

Nearing 90 Open Altitude Trampoline Parks

Another milestone we’re looking forward to meeting for our brand in the time ahead is opening our 100th park. With new agreements and ten park openings this year alone, Altitude is introducing active indoor adventure to guests in Northern Michigan, New Mexico, Virginia, Coastal South Carolina, Indiana and a myriad of other markets nationwide. Not only have we been able to expand with single-unit owners, but multi-unit franchisees and operating groups within our franchise family have continued to add to their investment portfolios with our premier brand in the entertainment park franchise segment.

Facing a Bright Franchise Future

Our fantastic franchise feats don’t stop there! With a decade under our belt, we feel even more invigorated to keep delivering on our mission to Jump Happy! and continue to set the standard in premium adventure park venues. With our annual franchise convention taking place at the end of September, we’ll officially be able to toast our franchise owners and their incredible achievements in the past year. The convention will also provide an opportunity for our franchisees to come together and learn from one another, propelling our franchise system to be the best possible version it can be, one that includes strong differentiators like our membership program.

The Altitude franchise opportunity remains a distinguished investment for several reasons. Join us as we maintain a trajectory of fast-tracked growth. We’re seeking family-oriented, goal-driven investors who want to cultivate park environments that are safe and fun. Read more about Altitude’s franchise opportunity if you’d like to join our franchise team and fill out our inquiry form to begin the journey to ownership.