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We are proud to be partnering with the American Heart Association to Jump In and Give Back through the Life is Why campaign, and fight against heart disease and strokes. Through donations and our continued mission of empowering others to live the JumpLife!℠, Altitude encourages every community to improve their physical health and start reducing the risk of heart disease today.

According to the American Heart Association, 30 to 50 percent of U.S. adults who perform little to no vigorous physical activity can realize valuable benefits by replacing sitting time with light exercise. At Altitude, we offer a variety of fun-filled activities from traditional trampolines and ziplines, to rock-climbing walls and soft play structures. Our indoor entertainment zones feature inclusive activities for people at any activity level.

Altitude’s first-of-its-kind membership program, launched in 2019, has not only benefited our franchise owners, it has also significantly helped us succeed in promoting active family fun in the communities we serve. Our brand mantra defines our approach to business and how we strive to bring a little more “jump” into peoples’ lives. The JumpLife!℠ represents a call to action and a promise that everyone’s trip to Altitude is a heart-happy and fulfilling one.

The Altitude Trampoline Park franchise system aims to make a difference in our communities by providing an everyday place for play where families can get moving together, and our partnership with the American Heart Association will continue to fuel that mission.


Consider making a difference in your community today and check out Altitude’s franchise opportunity.