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The fast-growing trampoline park franchise reduces franchise fees by 50% to qualified veterans

ATLANTA, GA, – What better way to pay tribute to the men and women that served our country than by making their path into small business ownership more affordable ? In this spirit, Altitude Trampoline Park just announced the reduction of its franchise fee by a staggering 50% for all veterans.

With the reduction in franchise fees, veterans looking to kick start a profitable and rewarding career with Altitude Trampoline Park only have to pay a franchise fee of $20,000, down 50% from the regular amount of $40,000.

“We’re proud to be able to offer an affordable path into business ownership to our veterans,” said Mike Rotondo, CEO of Altitude Trampoline Park. “With 50% off of our franchise fee, we hope to inspire veterans to make the transition into business ownership with a brand that truly has their back every step of the way.”

 Helping our nation’s veterans readjust to civilian life and engage in profitable careers should be a priority for any company. And a recent study found nearly 25% of 23.5 million U.S. veterans are looking for opportunities in business ownership. Recognizing veterans as some of the most qualified, motivated and successful business owners, franchisors have been known to offer incentives to get these service members off the ground and running.

 “Veterans make exceptional entrepreneurs,” Rotondo said. “They have the leadership skills, the ability to follow systems, and the desire to win that every business owner needs to succeed. Altitude Trampoline Park is a fun, rewarding business that plays a meaningful role in the communities we serve – and we believe that veterans are uniquely qualified to thrive with our brand.”

 And for veterans, franchises have proven time and again to be a perfect fit for the next step in their careers. Veterans, used to working within effective systems in place and executing those plans with precision, are well suited for the franchise model. Mission and goal oriented, veterans also exhibit exceptional leadership, organizational and management skills.

 As a result, VetFran estimates 14% of all franchises located in the United States are owned by veterans, though former service members only make up just 7% of the entire national population. And studies have shown the cycle repeats itself, with veteran franchisees more likely to hire other service members transitioning back to daily life.

 “Veterans emerge from service with strong leadership skills and a thorough understanding of teams,” according to VetFran. “Military experience includes leading and motivating people, improving processes, and accomplishing a defined mission. Like the military, successful franchisees and employees accomplish the mission with a team.”

 With health and exercise becoming one of the most important values for Americans in the past year, there’s never been a better time for veterans to start a lucrative Altitude Trampoline Park franchise. Since being founded in 2012, Altitude Trampoline Park has grown to nearly 80 locations in 28 states.

 A recent industry study found the health and wellness industry was expected to hit $102 billion globally in 2021, with the U.S. showing an annual growth rate of 4.5%. These projections only further the confidence and assurance for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in franchising with Altitude Trampoline Park, an all-ages, family-friendly indoor adventure experience.

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