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The end of September marked Altitude’s annual franchise convention, AirCon 2022. We gathered our park owners, general managers, and our leadership team in Dallas, Texas, to discuss the strides our franchise system’s has made in the past year. Franchisees also had access to a variety of preferred vendors exhibiting on not one, but two tradeshow floors. To conclude the festivities, our awards dinner recognized the drive and passion of all our owners and general managers with a word from our special guest, former professional football player and entrepreneur, Emmitt Smith.

The learnings and insights the entire Altitude team gained from this event were invaluable, and we want to share a few of those high points below:

Endless Jumps Membership Program on the Rise

Since the launch of our Endless Jumps membership program in 2019, franchise owners have been able to leverage this profitable product to maximize sales for their parks. Not only have memberships helped counter any fluctuations that may come from seasonal trends, but they help guests save money in the long term. Currently, over half of our parks utilize memberships, and more than 100,000 members have joined the program system-wide since its launch. As one of the few jump parks offering memberships of this caliber, we’re consistently looking for ways to optimize the offer for our guests’ and park owners’ benefit.

Redefining the Park Experience

During our three-day convention, breakout and general sessions touched on local park marketing and park attraction updates. As the Altitude franchise focuses on new developments and remodeled parks, our goal is to reduce liability through preferred park attractions with better site lines so our guests can have the best experience possible. Attractions in the AR/VR/XR realm will play a more prominent role moving forward as this type of attraction requires fewer updates, many of which can be done digitally versus manually. Our rock-star general managers play a crucial role in tailoring the park’s experience to best fit their community’s needs. Initiated by general managers, several of our parks organize Sensory Sunday programs for children and families with sensory processing sensitives. They open the park early on Sunday mornings, providing sensory toys or dodgeballs, turn down any loud noises the attractions make, and dim the lights to deliver a heartwarming experience.

Connecting the Altitude Network

One of the best parts of our annual franchise convention is connecting with everyone in person and learning from other owners and general managers. Many of our most resourceful and knowledgeable team members were able to share their expertise on aspects like upselling in the park, managing guest concerns and networking within the community. This opportunity to learn from enthusiastic individuals allowed our owners and general managers to leave the convention invigorated to bring newfound information back to their own parks. Altitude is ecstatic to host next year’s convention at Disney World in Orlando and continue to grow our network of talented and compassionate individuals that genuinely live by the Jump Happy!SM motto.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend next year’s grand event as a franchise owner yourself! Continue reading about our family entertainment franchise opportunity on our website and fill our inquiry form to begin our ownership process. A member of our franchise development team would love to speak with you!