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Frequently Asked Questions

Franchisee FAQs

1. How do I know if I qualify for a franchise?

Qualified franchisee candidates should have access to substantial liquid capital to meet the development obligations of one or more indoor entertainment parks in the market you are requesting to develop, have prior business experience, an appreciation for the brand model and culture, as well as a strong knowledge of financial and social market trends, product distribution, governmental laws, and ordinances. Visit our perfect candidate section for more details.

2. What experience do I need to open an Altitude Trampoline Park?

Our franchise partners should have prior business or franchise experience, a love for their community and an appreciation for our proven business model.  It is preferable that franchisee business experience includes a background with children ages 3-12, or management of large facilities such as indoor entertainment parks or fitness centers.

3. How long is the approval process?

Becoming an Altitude Trampoline Park franchisee is a multi-step process that can take anywhere between 3 to 9 months or more. See our steps to ownership in more detail.

4. Do I need to live in or near the territory I am interested in developing?

Altitude Trampoline Park offers both owner-operator and semi-absentee franchise models, which includes options that do not require franchise partners to live in the territory they wish to develop.

5. Does Altitude Trampoline Park offer multi-park agreements?

Yes, Altitude Trampoline Park offers both single-unit and multi-park development agreements.

6. What is the franchise fee?

Franchise owners are required to pay an initial franchise fee of $45,000 per location. This fee is payable upon signing the Franchise Agreement.

7. How much will I pay in royalties fees and marketing fees?

The current royalty fee is 6% of gross sales. The marketing contribution could be up to X% of gross sales.

8. How much money can I make?

The Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations do not allow us to provide specific project projections. The amount of money you may make will depend on many factors, including the locations of your park, traffic flow, local marketing and advertising, the cost of your investment and other important factors such as the ability to operate and manage your park(s) effectively. To learn more about the financial aspects of franchising with Altitude Trampoline Park, we will provide you our Franchise Disclosure Document with financial disclosures when you are further along in the evaluation process.

9. Does Altitude Trampoline Park offer financing?

Financing options can be discussed upon reviewing the FDD during the Altitude Trampoline Park discovery process. See our steps to ownership for more detail.

10. Once approved as a franchisee and the development agreement has been signed, how long will it take to build my Altitude Trampoline Park?

The development of your Altitude Trampoline Park is contingent upon the number of parks, types of attractions or concessions and the size of the site that you are developing. The schedule will be determined upon mutual agreement as part of the approval process, and can take anywhere between 9 to 12 months.

11. What type of assistance will Altitude Trampoline Park provide me with real estate and construction?

As part of our design and construction support, we connect operators with general contractors and developers. These vendors are uniquely equipped to work on Altitude Trampoline Parks. Our facility design packages will help you to create a park that is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of our targeted demographic.

12. What support and training will I receive?

We proudly provide our franchise owners with comprehensive support on training, accounting, real estate, financing, design and construction, marketing and communications resources. When you franchise with Altitude, you will also receive access to our network of preferred vendors to support concessions, apparel and other sales channels.

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