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A franchise is only as successful as the members that make up the system. At Altitude, we’re fortunate enough to have a network of passionate, results-driven team members who have allowed our brand to soar, setting ourselves a part in the active family entertainment space. In light of the expansion of both our leadership team and our franchise network, we want to thank our partners for their diligent efforts in the past year, which have made tremendous strides for our brand on both the corporate leadership and individual park levels.

Shaping the Guest and Training Experience

This year, a main priority for our team was to share and emphasize the value of a place for safe, indoor activity to the public. Not only is physical activity a positive output of our parks, but the stimulating environment inspires additional socialization for our core demographic of kids ages 3 to 12. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that children ages three to five should be encouraged by their parental figures to be active when they play, and older children should be participating in 60 minutes of either aerobic, muscle-strengthening or bone-training activities each day. To ensure each of our park locations have top-notch safety and cleanliness, we must have training protocol in place for our park employees that safeguard Jump Happy! time for our guests. Gina Elliot, Director of Training at Altitude, recently spoke on The Guest Experience Show podcast to share how our team has adjusted system-wide training to a digital platform, encouraging retention and reducing friction. Due to this digital transition, our employees can learn how to best meet the needs of our guests in a manageable timeline for themselves.

Showing Value Through Actions

In line with adjusting our approach to employee training, our system also wants to bridge the disconnect that naturally happens across various team member levels. To remedy this, we preach leading by example. Our Vice President of Development and Global Operations, Robert Morris, spoke on the latest episode of the Attraction Pros podcast, explaining how there are no small actions on any level when it comes to improving the guest experience. Without proper examples set by leadership, employees will feel disconnected from the mission of the company and guests will notice this conduct. When the mission of the organization is top of mind and every member is working to persistently embody that mission, the entire network benefits. Our actions in the past year have led the Altitude franchise and entire brand to be recognized on multiple levels and our team is grateful to have recently debuted on the Franchise Times’ Top 500 List. This acknowledgment would not be possible without each and every team member associated with the Altitude brand, and as we near the new year, we’re looking forward to building off a successful 2022 with a robust team in place.

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